Hunter of Knowledge


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Size:12″ x 9″

Collage, digital, marker

This collage was originally done as part of an altered book at the University of Nipissing for my senior art qualification. It was in response to the question: What can teachers do to help students who become frustrated wit their inability to create realistic art forms? Must the sky always be blue?

Since signing up for a research course at the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute I have been trying envision myself as a hunter. The image/metaphor is used in relation to “hunter as researcher”. To answer another question through art I altered the collage yet again and electronically added one piece to the collage. That is the image of the female mountain climber. The question is: How do you envision yourself as a hunter of research?

Deepening the metaphor: I have personally never done any mountain climbing of this type. Hiking up a hill, yes, but strapping on specialized equipment and virtually going straight up – no! I feel this is my preconception of research and thesis writing (which is the goal) It is something I anticipate that I will not find easy. It will be hard work and I will have to pull my own weight, and then some! As I get higher academically, the air gets thinner and it is more difficult to breath. There are obstacles in the way and I feel somewhat alone in my climb. My colleges are spread out and distant. There are vultures waiting for me to fail, to fall, to feast on my remains. There is the uncertainty of the road sign: pointing any where but straight.

However, the ancient knowledge of artists and art therapist before me urge me on. There findings like archeological records of people gone before me are laid out in front of me wanting to tell me the stories of their lives, their learning. I am learning to climb. To search for the right footholds, to find good supports. I can see the moment when all the research collates in my head and a new awakening will emerge from the struggle. I can imagine what awaits for me; glorious colours bursting from the mountain top, abstract thoughts, curious critters who peer out and inquisitively ask the new questions. The sky will be blue. The air will be clear. Then a plane will fly over head reminding me of how small I am in scheme of it all. It’s fight path taking my imagination with it to another place, another land, another mountain. I will take a breath of fresh mountain air and lock away the moment in my mind. I have done it!

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